How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Private Jet in 2023?

Before telling you how much it Cost to Rent a Private Jet in 2023, let’s take a look at the industry in general.  After a decade of record growth in passenger traffic and unprecedented profitability, the commercial airline industry was faced with an unprecedented, sharp, and sustained drop in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic that brought international travel to a standstill.

Rent a Private Jet
Private jet aircraft at the airport.

During the time that the global lockdown lasted, the number of commercial flights dropped by 90-95% in some regions and almost all passenger traffic was lost to the world. In fact, air traffic in the European Union fell by 88% on average and in Spain by almost 95%, according to data from Eurocontrol, the European organization for air traffic management.

However, a light shone in the middle of the industry: the private jet sector. Although immigration restrictions and border closures affected the flow of passengers on commercial and charter flights alike, the impact was not the same in both sectors.

Private planes have become a safer solution than commercial planes, being one of the safest and fastest means of transportation in the world. Whether for tourism or work, more and more people enjoy the experience of flying in a private jet as it offers multiple advantages.

How accessible is Rent a Private Jet?

But how accessible are executive jets? As always it is impossible to estimate a fixed price, it depends a lot on the flight hours, if it is transatlantic or not, what type of plane you are going to use, what is the schedule, if you have to wait for the passenger to return or just one way and if you want to combine this service with other additional services such as ground transportation.

That is why we show you a table with the estimated value cost to rent a private jet ​​​​depending on the type of aircraft or the route.
For example, the cost of chartering a long-range aircraft such as a Dassault Falcon 7X from Lisbon to Helsinki would be approximate €87,850.

For those not familiar with charter flight costs, the prices at first can be a bit intimidating. However, one of the reasons for the prices is the fact that the entire aircraft and crew are rented for exclusive use in a private plane. Having a plane just for you and your companions allows you to take advantage of the flight hours to work or deal with important issues with all the privacy, service, and comfort you need.

Estimated Value Cost to Rent a Private Jet

Aircraft ClassModelRouteNumber of passengersFlight timeApproximate price
TurbopropsPilatus PC – 12.Madrid – Barcelona701:16 Hrs10,350 Euros
Entry Level Jets (VLJ)Premier IParis – Amsterdam601:10 Hrs8,960 Euros
Light JetsHawker 400XPPalma de Mallorca-Ibiza732:00 Min7,750 Euros
Super Light JetsCitation IVLondon – Rome802:30 Hrs18,780 Euros
Midsize JetsCitation IIIParis – London70:44 Min9,300 Euros
Super Midsize JetsChallenger 300Florencia – Praga801:20 Hrs17,800 Euros
Heavy JetsChallenger 850Madrid -Helsinki-Vantaa1504:01 Hrs41,950 Euros
Ultra Long Range JetsFalcon 7XLisboa – Helsinki1404:27 Hrs87,850 Euros
VIP AirlinersAirbus A320Madrid – Estocolmo18003:20 Hrs76,670 Euros

If you are interested in a specific route or plane, we can gladly quote you here.

Why choose South Europe Jets?

Choosing South Europe Jets as your private flight service offers you multiple benefits such as:

  • Avoid long waiting times at airports for check-in, since on private flights there is a special private terminal for our clients or, if you prefer, you can arrive directly in the vehicle to board the aircraft.
  • Avoid excessive waiting times on layovers. When you travel by private plane, the flights are direct, and in case you need to make a technical stop, it will be to refuel for 45 minutes, during which time you can decide whether to get off the aircraft to see the place or you can stay enjoying from the comfort of the plane.
  • You can take the luggage you want and even better, you can take the souvenirs you want when you return home.
  • You can travel with your pet and thus enjoy a trip together in the cabin of the plane.
  • Choose the people who will accompany you on your trip, thus maintaining your privacy.
  • Fly where commercial airlines do not have access, directly and safely.

Multiple reasons guarantee that hiring our private flights is the best option to rent a Private Jet.

Private Jet Interior

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